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How To Handle The Phenomenon Of Stains On Teeth

How To Handle The Phenomenon Of Stains On Teeth

A tooth contains different layers: the vital part, dentin, and enamel. Two layers are present on the outside of the tooth, on the outside. First, there is dentin and then completely outside, enamel. These layers each have their natural color, and in general, the teeth are darker and darker as the years go by.

As for the enamel, the latter is clear and transparent. However, it gives a glimpse of the dentine, which is more yellow. Finally, dentin usually becomes darker with time. In general, all teeth are affected by the color change, but in some cases, only one tooth can be affected.

Why do teeth change color?

Teeth change color, and many factors can aggravate this phenomenon. The main causes are the repeated consumption of colored drinks such as red wine, tea, soda or coffee, regular intake of certain targeted drugs, tobacco, or poor dental hygiene.

How to reduce the appearance of stains on teeth?

In general, the main solutions to minimize the presence of stains on the teeth are the decrease in the use of pigmented foods, stopping smoking, and taking into account his oral hygiene.

What if the causes of these spots are controlled?

If the causes of the spots are well controlled, a patient may, for aesthetic reasons, decide to lighten the spots on both. The patient will have to consult a dentist to find a solution to restore whiteness to his teeth. There are two types of possible outcomes: whitening at the dentist or home.

Preparation for tooth whitening

It is important to know those whitening treatments are not recommended if you have cavities or gum disease. You should also be careful if your dentition is worn (abfraction, abrasion, dental erosion) Only a dentist will be able to tell you if bleaching is recommended and how these conditions may affect the success of tooth whitening.

Whitening at the dentist

Offered in the dental office, this treatment is the fastest to restore whiteness to your teeth. So prefer this whitening for quick results (prom, wedding, photoshoot). In general, the bleaching is done in one see two sessions. For total effectiveness, extend the bleaching time by combining a whitening at home with your whitening at the dentist. However, be careful about your tooth sensitivity: the products are not suitable for everyone

Bleaching at home

This treatment is the most popular for restoring whiteness to a smile. The whitening agent that is applied to the teeth is activated using a gutter that is adapted to your teeth. You must wear it day or night. It is easy to bleach directly at home because this technique is effective, simple and relatively comfortable. It is also important to consult your dentist to assess whether your teeth can withstand this type of treatment.

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