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Pediatric Odontology

Pediatric Odontology

A dentist can reserve his activity for pediatric care, that is to say for the care of children. Some experienced dentists deal exclusively with pediatric care in the dental office, from birth to about 12 years of age. Indeed, dental care is usually seen as restrictive, painful and scary. In everyone’s mind, the first word associated with dental care is “unpleasant.” The care of children in our office is adapted from an early age to their capacity for understanding and cooperation so that all children can have good contact with dental care.


It is essential for your child to make good contact with the practice of dental procedures. Indeed, even before the first consultation, children often have a negative opinion about dental care: Sometimes, even the child has had negative contact with one or more other practitioners, he needs to regain confidence.
During its assessment, NO CARE WILL BE REALIZED, except for the exceptional decision of the practitioner. The visit will be dedicated to
• making contact with the child
• the inclusion of questions and requests for care and prevention
• evaluating its dental needs
• Assessment understanding and cooperation skills
• scheduling care appointments

Conscious nitrous oxide sedation (or MEOPA) allows more responsive management:
• very young children
• children with disabilities
• children with a phobia of medical care
• children with a bad experience dental care
But it is also suitable for everyone! Indeed, everyone wishes that his child can do his dental care without fear or pain. It is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide allowing “conscious sedation”: your child stays awake, but it improves his physical and emotional comfort.

MEOPA has many advantages:
• care is performed in better conditions
• Only 1 to 2 sessions are required, on average, to perform all care
• it is an interesting alternative to general anesthesia because its contraindications and its side effects are much less important.


If it is very important to treat your cavities, it is even more important to try to avoid them! Prevention is the key to oral health and requires good motivation and regular check-ups.

A dentist will evaluate:

  • The carious risk of your child
  • The effectiveness of his brushing
  • The need for adequate prophylaxis
  • The need for orthodontic treatment
  • The ideal rhythm of his checks at the dentist (all 3 to 12 months depending on the child)

A dentist will answer your questions about:

  • Toothbrushes and kinds of toothpaste
  • Brushing techniques and how to improve
  • The means of prevention available to the dental office

You need to teach your child the importance of visiting a dentist at a very young age to keep the teeth lasting for longer.

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