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How do dental sealants protect against tooth decay?


Welcome to Restoration Dental, your trusted source for dental care in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas including Boerne, Schertz, Seguin, Cibolo, and Converse. Dr. Kye Mallernee and our experienced team are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental services to ensure your oral health and well-being. One of the valuable services we offer is dental sealants. In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of dental sealants, their different types, safety concerns, and more. Read on to discover how dental sealants can help protect your smile.

What are Dental Sealants and Why Should You Consider Them?

Dental sealants are a preventive dental treatment designed to shield your teeth from the harmful effects of tooth decay. They consist of a thin, protective coating applied to the chewing surfaces of your molars and premolars. These areas are particularly susceptible to cavities due to their deep grooves and crevices, making them challenging to clean thoroughly with regular brushing alone. Here's why you should consider dental sealants:

How do dental sealants protect against tooth decay?

Dental sealants act as a barrier, sealing off the vulnerable areas of your teeth from bacteria and food particles. This prevents the accumulation of plaque and debris, reducing the risk of cavities. Especially for children and adolescents, whose oral hygiene habits may still be developing, sealants offer extra protection.

How long do dental sealants last?

Typically, dental sealants can last for several years with proper care. They provide enduring protection, especially during the crucial years when your teeth are most susceptible to cavities.

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Are there different types of dental sealants?

Are there different types of dental sealants?

Yes, there are two main types of dental sealants: resin-based sealants and glass ionomer sealants. Resin-based sealants are the most common and are suitable for most patients. Glass ionomer sealants are sometimes preferred for certain situations, and our dental team can recommend the best option for you.

Are dental sealants safe for both children and adults?

Yes, dental sealants are considered safe for individuals of all ages. They are a non-invasive and painless procedure that involves no drilling or discomfort. The sealant material is biocompatible and well-tolerated by most patients.

Can dental sealants be removed if needed?

Yes, dental sealants can be removed by a dentist if necessary. This is a straightforward procedure that may be done to repair or replace a sealant that has become damaged or worn over time.

Are dental sealants covered by insurance?

Many dental insurance plans do cover the cost of dental sealants, especially for children. However, coverage can vary, so it's essential to check with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your plan.

At Restoration Dental, we prioritize your oral health and offer dental sealants as part of our commitment to preventive dentistry. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss dental sealants further, please contact us at (210) 523-2400. Our team is here to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile through personalized care and expert dental services.

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